Robinson’s Lodge
North end Toledo Bend
Lake pool level - 172.0'
Current Water level – 172.0'
Water Temp - mid to upper 60's
Water clarity – Stained
Date - Spring season 2018


The crappies are on the bite. We are catching fish from 2 to 10 foot deep. Catching limits on jigs, but minnows are also working well. The average size is big! 1/16 oz. jigs in white/chartreuse and chartreuse are both good on different days with different light conditions. Catches of 25 to 75 keepers are about the normal daily catch. Weather hasn't been too big of a factor lately with the light winds and warm temps. The fish are on shallow humps along the bigger creeks and on the sides of the river channel. When the bite is real slow I have had to resort to minnows to keep the bite going. The fish are biting throughout the day with early morning and the late afternoon times being best. Spawning areas in coves are the places to look, around bushes and trees. I would recommend taking minnows and slip corks if you are looking for numbers. Thump junkies like me would rather be fishing a jig just to feel the bite.

White Bass

The whites are grouped up and heading up the river channel on the spawning run. The sand bars and creeks along the river channel are loading up with white bass as big as they grow, and full of roe. Jigging spoons, tailspins, rattletraps, jigs, and small crank baits are all working well depending on the depth the fish are at. I have found fish from 1 down to 10 foot deep on the river itself. Action seems to pick up during the day and peak just before sunset. No problem filling your limit of whites any day weather permits.

Black Bass
Bass are shallow 2 to 10 foot deep or less on the north end of the lake right now. Spawning flats, bushes in shallow water and "swags" or deeper water on shallow flats have held the best size fish. Soft plastic baits and jerk baits are your best bet right now. Spinner baits and Rattletrap fish on the warmer sunny days have had some fast action.


Both red ear and bluegill are in 5 to 10 foot of water in creeks and along the river channel. the best bet with small 1/16 and 1/32 jigs with small hooks (#8) or smaller, in gray and brown are working if you don't want to fool with the live stuff.

Good luck!!