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    Mark Robinson has been fishing the Sabine River and the Toledo Bend Reservoir since it was created back in 1968. Many changes have occurred in the lake's structure and diversity during the almost 45 years he has spent fishing its abundant habitat. Initially he fished for just about anything that would bite a hook, often catching multiple species each outing. 

Lodge Proprietor: Mark Robinson

    Then bass fishing took over as "the priority "as the years past. Mark fished the lakes of Louisiana and Texas as a competitive bass tournament fisherman for many years. 

    For the past 20 years he has established a reputation as a renowned lodge owner and fishing guide at Toledo Bend. And the lake is the only thing changed: Mark's primary interest has switched from the wily black bass to the more abundant species of crappie and white bass. 
    Mark says he used to go on fishing trips for black bass; now he goes on "catching trips" for crappie and white bass. 
    Toledo Bend is a large sprawling 186,000 acre reservoir. Mark has spent years on the north end of the lake, which includes its source, the Sabine River. He has become very familiar with its varied types of structure, and the influence of this submerged landscape on fish habitat. This knowledge of where, and when, to look for fish is the key to success in producing great catches for his clients. 
    Mark Robinson can provide an unmatched quality professional guide service for groups of up to 16 fishermen. 
    Let Mark make all the arrangements for your next fishing.... .(make that catching!) outing."


By phone

Prefer to make your reservation via phone? You can make a reservations for guided fishing trips by calling (936) 368-2211 between 8am and 6pm. 


Local Hunting

Seats up to 60

Duck Hunting on Toledo Bend during the Texas season is some of the best Texas has to offer. All species of ducks found in both the Mississippi and Central flyways are common. Toledo Bend has the best of both worlds. If you're looking for open water blind hunts for diving ducks like redhead, canvasback, ring-necked duck, and scaup, we have plenty of that on the main lake. We use portable floating blinds that conceal a 16 ft. boat with three hunters and a guide. Large spreads of decoys are the key to bringing them in close. The backwater pothole wading hunts are also a Toledo specialty. You and your party will ride to a hunting location in either a shallow draft boat or in a four wheel drive vehicle. You will wade hunt in knee deep or less water while leaning against a stump or live cypress tree. Groups of puddle ducks including Mallard, Pintail, Widgeon, Gadwalls, and Woodies are the birds of the day. The flights will circle the life-like decoy spread looking for a good place to settle while your party remains unseen in the cover. Limits of ducks are a common occurrence while hunting out of Robinson’s Lodge.


The diversity of habitat found here in the East Texas’ piney woods makes for a rich birding experience. From the shores of Toledo Bend Reservoir where wading birds and waterfowl abound, and frequent sightings of Bald Eagles, Ospreys, and peregrine falcons occur, to the thick pine and hardwood forest that cover much of the rolling hills in the region where many varieties of eastern forest and western prairie birds come together. The endangered red cockaded woodpeckers flourish and colonize next to the long legged terrestrial roadrunner. Some of the flatter terrain in the region has been cleared for cattle and agricultural production, rounding out the habitat for the area. The spring and fall migrations are especially rewarding for birders looking for that one elusive species that may be unchecked on his or her list. The fall migration of waterfowl is rich with species of different flyways that overlap the East Texas border. In early spring the trees and bushes come alive with the colors of many different birds in their full breeding plumage heading north to nest. Robinson’s Lodge is located on the northwestern shore of Toledo Bend and adjoins the Sabine National Forest. Either land or water bound excursions are available to birders looking to take that special outing with family, friends, or club members.

Call (936) 368-2211 to inquire about local outdoor activities or services available.